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Working of Dummy Voting Machine

Dummy Voting Machine consist of battery , button , ledand buzzer. When User presses the button then respective red led glows . Beep sound comes from buzzer indicating voting is done.

XTECHY will demonstrate voting through dummy voting machine to new voters. Teach them how to go about casting their votes when required. The voter will then make practice of it.

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Advantages of Dummy Voting Machine


Dummy voting machines are used for the purpose of educating Voters.


Dummy Voting Machine is minimal effort for exhibition or demonstration of voting to voters.


Card Board Dummy voting machines are low cost. Many people can offord it.

Light Weight

Card Board Dummy voting machines are light weight. They are easy to handle and transport.

Why Dummy Voting Machine

We came across a survey that illiterate people and first-time voters are not Illiterate about EVM's.

It evades the disarray of voter, mis-step in voting.It avoids other common voting mistakes, and absence of votes.

We observe that many educated voters, including graduates, did not know how to operate an EVM.

To clear the confusion about using electronic voting machines while casting the ballots, we have come out with dummy EVMs

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